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“It’s Riel’s World ride of hotness and coolness”
Our products are made with Passion and Love, wrapped with Intimacy…


Riel’s World Mission:

As a magical and powerful icon of pleasure and happiness, Riel’s World is celebrating the diversity of people’s Cultures, Interests and Orientations with a wide range of top quality products… from the exotic wines to Glamorous Champagne. From fragrant Teas to rich Coffees and other lines such as Clothing, Accessories and Healthy Products and the list will go on with no limits because, simply, Riel’s World doesn’t know limits.

Riel’s World Vision:

Linking the name of Riel’s World with Joy and Pleasure… A smile will come up immediately on lips once the name of Riel’s World is said. In the very near future, Riel’s World will be the highlight in every home, every gathering, every party & Celebration. Finally, Riel’s World will be the magical ingredient in all happy times.

What is Riel’s World ?

Riel’s World is a multinational company operating in many countries by a professional multinational team. Riel’s World is specialized in a wide array of product lines such as: Wine, Champagne, Tea, Coffee, Nutritious products, home fragrances, Clothes & accessories.
Riel’s World is established in 2016 by the Regional Business Expert Bernard Biscontini, a passionate world traveler and fun lover. Bernard has more than 25 years of experience in fashion, gourmet food, beauty and luxury products industries.

The team of Riel’s World is serious about your fun, therefore, we are planning to open up the horizon and spread out the business in new countries and communities every year.